Scandinavisk O diffuser vegan and cruelty free with box
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Ö (Island) Diffuser

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Ö [Urr], Escape to the secluded islands of Scandinavia. Surrounded by cool, still waters and silent forests. Fill your home with the fresh scents of dog rose, crab apple and fresh green leaves, blended with subtle notes of driftwood.

Transport yourself to Scandinavia with its wide open landscapes, fjords, snowcapped mountains and boreal forests. These stunning diffusers showcase the famous Scandi style with a range of Nordic scents, making them ideal for any room.

  • This hand-poured diffuser is vegan and cruelty free
  • It features a blend of perfume with a non-alcohol liquid base 
  • It will scent your home for up to 3 months without creating highly toxic benzene and toluene emissions, so much kinder than burning a paraffin candle
  • The glass bottle can be recycled or refilled
  • 200ml glass bottle
  • Comes with eight reed sticks
  • Will scent your home for up to 3 months