Crystal 101 Gift Box
Crystal 101 Gift Box
Crystal 101 Gift Box

Crystal 101 Gift Box

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Curated by Crystal Muse as the perfect set for the crystal beginner. Katie-Jane, an intuitive healer and psychic medium has hand selected what she would consider the 3 must have crystals to start your collection: raw Rose quartz, an Amethyst bed, a raw Citrine point and a white sage smudge stick to cleanse you and your crystals. The set also includes information on how best to cleanse, recharge, use and meditate with these stones.

Raw Rose Quartz: The ultimate loving tool; bringing in a soft, nurturing and loving energy to you and your space.
Amethyst Bed: A gentle protector; calming the mind, soothing and helping to open up psychic senses. Beds direct energy in all directions.
Raw Citrine point: The stone of abundance; bringing joy, happiness, wealth and sparking creativity.

  • All stones and the white sage smudge stick are ethically sourced.
  • Each stone is cleansed under the full moon, surrounded and protected with white healing light. They are then recharged in the sun, so that you receive only the most gorgeous high vibing stones.
  • Crystals are a great way to welcome spirituality and postivie energy into your life.
  • Rose quartz approx. 6cm in length, Amethyst approx. 7cm in length, Citrine aprox. 7cm in length.
  • The rose quartz and amethyst can be cleansed any way you feel is best but please be aware that if you charge the amethyst in the sun too much it will loose its colour.