Aster & Bay Cleansing Oil

Cleansing Oil

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Created and formulated by botanist Erin Hammond, Aster and Bay is a powerful plant based skincare range inspired by the botanical diversity and herbal alchemy of both the Scottish Highlands and the Appalachian Mountains.

Handmade in Scotland, sourcing local herbs from the Highlands and sea salt from the British coastline; all products contain the spirit of whole plant ingredients, minimalism and craft.

Made with 100% cold-pressed plant and essential oils, this is the most natural and luxurious way to cleanse your face. The blend of softening and toning oils penetrate the pores deeply and dissolve dirt, makeup and toxin buildup. Suitabe for all skin types.

  • 100% natural. No chemicals, synthetics or preservatives. The scents are made using blends of pure plant oils
  • Cleansing your face with oil (even for those with oily skin) has many benefits; it wont strip your face of it natural oils so will keep skin soft and supple. Oil dissolves oil, so plant, nut and seed oils cleanse, detoxify and moisturise the pores and skin surface. 
  • Products are packaged in recycled glass bottles or jars
  • Handmade in Scotland and with all packaging and shipping being managed in house, meaning reduced carbon footprint
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Complete ingredient list: Hazelnut (corylus avellana) oil, Macadamia (macadamia integrifolia) oil*, Sesame (sesamum indicum) oil*, Castor (ricinus communis) oil*, Grapefruit (citrus racemosa) oil, Lemon (citrus limonum) oil*, Mandarin (citrus nobilis) oil. *organic
  • 100ml
  • Packaged in recycled glass bottle which can be reused
  • To Use: massage a quarter-sized amount of oil into the skin. Place a hot washcloth over face for fifteen seconds or longer. Rinse cloth with hot water again and slowly wipe off oil with the cloth. Repeat until all the oil is gone. Pat dry with a clean towel.