Ethical, sterling silver lotus inspired necklace
Ethical, sterling silver lotus inspired necklace in packaging
Girl wearing layered necklaces including sterling silver lotus inspired necklace
Cotton gift pouch for sterling silver lotus inspired necklace

I Am Growth Sterling Silver Necklace

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May this Lotus inspired symbol gently remind me that no matter how dark the place I find myself in, I can always choose to rise. And I will, time and time again. Watch me world… I am here for greatness.

This necklace is a tactile and personal reminder for the positive focus, changes and beliefs that each wearer intends on bringing into their life. 

Your jewellery will arrive in an organic cotton pouch along with a card explaining its story, making it an ideal gift.

  • This range of jewellery is kind to mind, body and soul. Deeply rooted in spirituality, connection, romanticism and symbolism, they feel both sacred and powerful to wear. 
  • They focus on the seven chakras (energetic areas in our body) which run in a straight line from the base of the spine to the top of the head, allowing a vital flow of energy throughout our bodies. If however this flow becomes blocked, you may feel physical, emotional or spiritual unease. By focusing on the affected chakra you can regain your positive flow of energy.
  • Created by Australian designer, Alexandra Olsen, Violet Gray is a brand built on love, integrity, honesty and purpose. Every piece is made to stand the test of time with local artisans who are always valued and respected.
  • VG will soon be announcing their exciting 'Connected' concept, raising funds for 3 charitable organizations. Watch this space...
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Charm size 6mm. Chain length adjustable up to 45cm at the longest length. 
  • Adjust necklace by simply sliding the bead.