If you can be kind!

Here at House of Kind, we're all about kindness. It makes us feel good and can turn even the worst day into a good one. There is scientific proof that being kind does not just feel good when you are on the receiving end, but for every kind act you do, it can result in so many lovely health benefits:

  • It reduces stress and slows down the ageing process (yes please!), with kind people having 23% less cortisol (the stress hormone) than the average population.
  • It increases our oxytocin levels, resulting in more self-esteem and optimism, plus increases energy levels and our sense of happiness. 

These positive effects have also been proven to benefit even those who simply witness the act. So, with one good deed in a crowded area, you can improve the day of dozens of people!  All amazing reasons to make the effort to be that little bit kinder in our day to day lives. 

These sentiments are shared by all the makers of our kind products. Rather than take the easiest or cheapest route, they have gone out of their way to ensure materials are sustainable, workers are paid a good wage in ethical factories, and ingredients are sustainable, natural and cruelty-free, as well as the packaging recyclable. They feel as strongly as us, making kindness a key foundation to their business. Simply by purchasing their goods, you are spreading kindness......and that’s a pretty good feeling.

For us, kindness is not just a one-off good deed, it’s a way of life. As vegans, we have chosen to live our lives causing as little harm to any living creature as possible. So for us, it was important to ensure that everything we stock is kind to not only people but also animals. Everything we stock is vegan, this means no animal testing and no animal products including beeswax, honey, wool, silk and leather. We believe beauty and style are all the more enjoyable when they don't cause suffering to anyone or anything.

Here are a few of our wonderful makers...
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